Minitest #05 on Tue, 23rd & slides on ASLR/CFI/JITROP published

Written on 15.01.2018 16:28 by Christian Rossow

Upon popular request, and to complent the existing visual slides by Stefan's lectures, we have added a few slides that describe ASLR, JIT-ROP and CFI in textual form to Chapter 08. Please use these slides as further reference to guide you through Stefan's slides, especially if you missed the lecture. It should come as no surprise that this material, including Stefan's guest lectures, are relevant for the exam. Should there be uncertainties, please use the tutorials to shoot your questions, and practice your understanding in the exercise sheets.

The final and 5th minitest will take place next week Tuesday (Jan 23rd) and will cover these topics and software security solutions in general. This time, you will need to write (very basic) assembly code yourself, so please familiarize yourself with the basic instructions. Exercise sheet 09 serves as perfect practicing session for the final minitest. The test will cover all material of the Software Security slides, especially from slide 137 onward, and will not cover Malware or other future topics. A gentle reminder: Note that you have to pass at least 3 minitests to be able to participate in the exam.

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