Re-exam results and inspection date

Written on 19.03.2018 12:16 by Christian Rossow

Thanks to the hard work of the tutors over the weekend, we have just published the reexam results in CMS. Congratulations to those of you that have passed the reexam or have improved their grade. Exam inspection will be on Mon, March 26th, 14:00-16:00 in room 0.07 at CISPA.

The examination office has just asked me to clarify something, as they received several questions from students on this topic: All core lectures (including Security) do not offer a "Freiversuch", i.e., all students have exactly three attempts to pass the exam. In particular, this also holds for CySec Bachelor students (even though the lecture is mandatory in this curriculum, it is still not a "Grundvorlesung"). In case of doubt, please consult Ms Wintringer.

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