Further Planning for Tutorials

Written on 13.11.2017 08:56 by Christian Rossow

The first week has shown that the vast majority of students has not prepared for the tutorials (in many cases not even having looked at or having printed the exercise sheet), which is not in the interest of the learning effect meant for the exercises. Please note that exercises are the best way to prepare for the exams (in contrast to the practical work of the projects), so an active participation is highly recommended. We will thus change the scheme in which tutorials operate. To foster a lively and helpful discussion during the tutorials, we will hand out slightly less time-consuming exercise sheets. At the same time, we expect everyone to prepare for the tutorials and actively participate in them. I have urged the tutors to spur lively discussion for an exercise. Please use this chance to test your understanding of the course material. However, if no such activity can be seen (e.g., because nobody prepared anything), I asked the tutors to skip over and not further discuss an exercise task. Thus, even if you do not have a complete solution to a task yet, and just have a slight idea how an exercise can be solved, actively participate in the tutorials to develop a solution with your fellow students.

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