Written on 31.01.2021 23:30 by Dominik Kempter

The miniCTF will take place from Monday 12pm to Friday 6pm. You can access the miniCTF platform here:
To solve challenges you will first need to create a personal account and then join your team. You can find your teamname and token on your Personal Status page. Once the CTF started, please verify that your challenge contains all information and files to be solvable but does not leak any unintended way of solving it.
Each challenge will yield 2 points that count towards your admission for the exam (except for the challenge your team submitted). You can reach a maximum of 10 points from solving challenges in the MiniCTF. (Solving your own challenge will not yield any points towards admission but yield an infinite amount of shame to your own team).
If any problems occur regarding the miniCTF (challenge not solvable, team not joinable, etc.) please contact your tutor, use the Discord channel or AskBot.

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