No lecture this Thursday; in-depth talks and seminar this Spring

Written on 31.01.2018 09:15 by Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

the planned talk by Christian Holler this Thursday had to be cancelled on short notice.  Hence, there will be no lecture this week; feel free to spend the extra time on your final projects.

Christian will give his talk on "fuzzing in the large" later this Spring; we will send out an invite to you all as soon as the details are fixed.

We will also run a "Fuzzing lab" seminar this Summer semester, where you will have the opportunity to apply the techniques from the lecture on a large project.; Details on the seminar and how to register will be announced here as well.

Thank you very much for joining us in the course – it's been a great time for us, and we hope you had some fun, too!

Keep on fuzzing,

Andreas Zeller

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