Slides online

Written on 04.06.21 by Jacqueline Brendel

The slides of today's lecture are online under "Materials".

!!! Date Change

Written on 26.05.21 by Jacqueline Brendel

Unfortunately we need to move the introductory lecture from May 28, 4pm to June 04, 4pm.
The Zoom link remains the same. Please let me know if you can't make it (just for planning purposes).

Dates in Calendar

Written on 12.05.21 by Jacqueline Brendel

The proseminar dates with the respective topics can be found in the calendar and main page of the event.

Topics available

Written on 16.04.21 by Jacqueline Brendel

If you already want to have a look at the topics that will be discussed in this seminar, you can do so now :)
In the kick-off meeting we will discuss how these papers are then assigned.

Kick-Off Meeting

Written on 16.04.21 by Jacqueline Brendel

Our Kick-Off Meeting will take place on Friday, April 30, from 3-4 pm via Zoom.
The Zoom link can be found in the respective email.

Please be prepared to switch on your camera during this call.

Seminal Papers in Cryptography

In this proseminar we study a selection of seminal research works in cryptography—starting with the invention of public-key cryptography in the 1970s and making our way towards the present. We discuss the novelty of these research results when they were first published as well as how they have shaped our understanding of modern cryptography.


Seminar Dates (Zoom links in Email):


  • Presentations à 20-23 min + 20 min group discussion
  • Final grade determined by presentation + active participation in discussion (read each paper before the session)
  • Language is English both for presentation and discussion

Requirements: A basic understanding of cryptographic primitives such as encryption, signatures, and hash functions







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