Grading finished

Written on 24.10.21 by Sven Bugiel

The grading has finally finished, I'm sorry for the long delay. The grades are in the CMS and also the LSF, however, if you have questions regarding the grading please let me know. 

Comments on draft reports online

Written on 26.08.21 by Sven Bugiel

The feedback to your draft reports is uploaded to the CMS. Please contact me in case something is unclear.

Topics assigned

Written on 20.04.21 by Sven Bugiel

The topics have been assigned. You can find the assignment and the schedule at Unfortunately, the constellation of topic choices only allowed for this particular assignment where unfortunately not everyone got their top-1 or top-2 choice.

Selected Topics in Mobile Security

(Summer Term 2021)


In this seminar, we will discuss current results and new problems in the mobile security domain based on relevant scientific papers. The focus of the selected papers lies on Android, given its high popularity among researchers. The topics include usability aspects of Android's permission system and security-relevant APIs, security extensions at different levels of Android's software stack, app analysis, and newly identified attack vectors.


Location Online via Zoom
Time Monday 14:00 - 16:00
Meeting Seminar (Weekly Meetings starting May 21)
No. of Students max. 10
Instructor Sven Bugiel
Contact Sven Bugiel (email)
Language  English
Kickoff Friday, April 16, 14:00 – 15:00


While sending any email related to the seminar, please prepend [stims21] to the subject line of the email.

Course structure and grading

The course is structured as a standard seminar. Every week (starting May 28), one student will present an assigned topic area, which we will then discuss. Prior to this, all students are expected to read the handed-out papers carefully and prepare a list of discussion questions. Additionally, every student will write a short report on their assigned papers, in which the presentation should be elaborated in more detail and potentially including the results of the discussion. Grading will be based on the presentations (45%), report (45%), and general in-class participation in the discussion (10%). 

Registration and pre-requisites

There are no formal pre-requisites beyond a basic knowledge of how computer systems work internally. Having worked with a smartphone as a user or app developer, or participating in the Advanced Lecture Mobile Security is beneficial.

Registration is handled via the central registration system of the UdS.

Presentation schedule and topics

Date Topic Presenter
10.05. Network Security Configuration Lukas Vermeulen
17.05. A11y Anish Parajuli
24.05. NO SEMINAR (Whit Monday / Pfingstmontag)  
31.05. Clone detection David Schäfer
07.06. Permission Evolution Katharina Basters
14.06. Smart home Milan Conrad
21.06. App-in-app execution Matthias Michels
28.06. Third-party libraries Omar Renawi
05.07. WebViews Salwa Alam
12.07. App Links Philipp Baus
19.07. Application Framework Analysis Parthipan Ramesh
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