Team registrations for projects

Written on 04.08.2020 14:55 by Soheil Khodayari

Dear students,

The team registration for the project is now open!

The team registration consists of submitting a text (.txt) file in the CMS. Each team is of two students and only one person per team can do the submission.

Your submitted file should be named with the format student-id-1_student-id-2.txt, and it must contain the following information:

  • Team name, i.e., a name of your choice for the team
  • Member 1: first name, last name
  • Student ID 1: member 1 student ID
  • Member 2: first name, last name
  • Student ID 2: member 2 student ID

For example, 1234-5678.txt

Member 1: Jane, Doe
Student ID 1: 1234
Member 1: James, Dough
Student ID 2: 5678

The submission is mandatory and the deadline is: Friday 14.08.2020, 23:59. Should you not submit this information by the deadline, we will do random team members assignment.

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