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Secure Web Development

Welcome to the Secure Web Development!

This summer term 2020 the lecture will be offered as a block course. Please check this website regularly to see updates.

Given our limited resources for this lecture, the max number of seats for this lecture is 30. 

Registration is now open. Lecture is full. However, if you are still interested, write to the lecturer asking to be added to the waiting list.


Important Dates

The lectures and tutorials will last two weeks, from Monday 24.08.2020 to Friday 04.09.2020.



In this lecture you will learn:

  • the architecture of modern web applications
  • basics on secure software engineering
  • the art of secure software assessment and code review techniques
  • how to build securely an HTTP message processing pipeline (web authentication, authorization, session, logic, data, and more) 
  • advanced threats, vulnerabilities, secure coding, and design patterns

This course will include a mini BiBiFi [1] challenge, where you will have to build, break, and fix programs.

The language of the course is English.

[1] Build It, Break It, Fix It: Contesting Secure Development, by Parker at al., ACM CCS 2016, URL:

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