Title Type Location Serial Start End All Day
End competition Deadline 17.07.22 N/A Yes 
Exam Exam Geb. E2 2, Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal 26.07.22 26.07.22 No 
Teams formation Deadline - 18.04.22 N/A Yes 
Fix-it Starts Deadline 27.06.22 N/A Yes 
Nominations for Awards Deadline 17.07.22 N/A Yes 
Awards Ceremony and Exam Q&A Kickoff/Award CISPA, Main lecture hall (Room 0.05) 20.07.22 20.07.22 No 
Kickoff Kickoff/Award CISPA, Main lecture hall (Room 0.05) 13.04.22 13.04.22 No 
Built-it starts Deadline 20.04.22 N/A Yes 
Break-it starts Deadline 30.05.22 N/A Yes 
Report deadline Deadline 25.07.22 N/A Yes 
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