Plan for the remaining weeks

Written on 19.01.2023 09:31 by Rafael Dewes

Dear Students,

since there will be some changes in the schedule regarding exercises, tutorials and office hours,
we'd like to give you a short overview beforehand.

All the lectures as well as the tutorial on Friday, 20.01., are unaffected and will take place as planned.

For the next week starting on the 23.01.:

  • There is no new problem set for this week, so you can focus on finishing the project submission due on Monday, 30.01.; this week will be your last opportunity to ask questions about it.
  • We will have an online Office Hour on Wednesday, 25.01., at 4 pm.
  • The tutorial on Friday, 27.01., will take place in person at the usual time and place, but as another Office hour for the project.

For the week after, starting on the 30.01.:

  • There will not be a tutorial on the 3rd.

For the week starting on the 06.02.:

  • We will have a summary lecture on Monday, 06.02.
  • There will be a tutorial Friday, 10.02., where we will discuss the remaining exercises and any open questions about the materials.


We will update the timetable on the CMS to reflect these changes. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. 
Good luck with the project, and see you on Friday!

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