Lecture schedule

The following schedule provides an overview of the planned topics for all lectures.

Lecture Date Topic Info Instructor
1 October 26 Intro Administrative aspects and introduction Thorsten
2 November 2 x86 assembly I x86/x64 introduction Thorsten
3 November 9 x86 assembly II x86/x64 introduction Thorsten
  November 16 CISPA Event - no lecture    
4 November 23 Software Security I Basics of buffer overflows Thorsten
5 November 30 Software Security II Return-to-libc / ROP / defenses (stack canaries, ASLR, DEP) Thorsten
6 December 7 ARM Assembly ARM introduction Ali
7 December 14 Software Security III Heap Security Ali
8 December 21 Software Security IV Other kinds of vulnerabilities Ali
9 January 4 Reversing I Control + data structure recovery Thorsten
10 January 11 Reversing II Control + data structure recovery Thorsten
11 January 18 Fuzzing Software testing via fuzzing Ali
12 January 25 Software Testing Taint analysis and symbolic execution Tim Blazytko (Guest lecture)
13 Febuary 1 OS Security OS kernel security Ali
14 February 8 Other architectures RISC-V and Infineon Ali
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