Sheet 7 + Info Sheet 6

Written on 29.01.2023 14:43 by Joschua Schilling

Dear students,

sheet 7 is online now. Due to your upcoming exams, we tried to reduce the workload of the last sheet to a minimum. This might also be a good opportunity to get points for those in need.

Another important information regarding the submission of sheet 6 and 7: You may explain your code in code comments or in the pdf. But even if you do not have any contents for the pdf, please still submit a file via the CMS. You may write something like "Solutions submitted via REF". Without a submission in the CMS, Matteo can not give the points to you in the CMS!

If you have any questions about the last two sheets, email us or join us in the tutorial session on Friday at 2pm.

Happy Hacking,


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