Topic List

We plan to accept up to eight students for this seminar. Topic assignments are based on a voting that takes place as part of the kickoff meeting, you can pick topics based on the following list and we will assign them based on your preferences:

  1. Kirzner and Morrison: "An Analysis of Speculative Type Confusion Vulnerabilities in the Wild", USENIX Security 2021
  2. Göktaş et al.: "Speculative Probing: Hacking Blind in the Spectre Era", ACM CCS 2020
  3. Wang et al.: "Maze: Towards Automated Heap Feng Shui", USENIX Security 2021
  4. Xu et al.: "FreeDom: Engineering a State-of-the-Art DOM Fuzzer", ACM CCS 2020
  5. Pang et al.: "SoK: All You Ever Wanted to Know About x86/x64 Binary Disassembly but Were Afraid to Ask", IEEE S&P 2021
  6. Chen et al.: "SelectiveTaint: Efficient Data Flow Tracking With Static Binary Rewriting", USENIX Security 2021
  7. Erinfolami and Prakash: "Devil is Virtual: Reversing Virtual Inheritance in C++ Binaries", ACM CCS 2020
  8. Poeplau and Francillon: "SymQEMU: Compilation-based symbolic execution for binaries", NDSS 2021
  9. Meijer et al.: "Where's Crypto?: Automated Identification and Classification of Proprietary Cryptographic Primitives in Binary Code", USENIX Security 2021
  10. Guarnieri et al.: "Hardware-Software Contracts for Secure Speculation", IEEE S&P 2021
  11. Zhang et al.: "CrawlPhish: Large-scale Analysis of Client-side Cloaking Techniques in Phishing", IEEE S&P 2021
  12. Mi et al.: "Your Phone is My Proxy: Detecting and Understanding Mobile Proxy Networks", NDSS 2021
  13. Daffalla et al.: "Defensive Technology Use by Political Activists During the Sudanese Revolution", IEEE S&P 2021
  14. Abdullah et al.: "SoK: The Faults in our ASRs: An Overview of Attacks against Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Identification Systems", IEEE S&P 2021
  15. Chen et al.: "Bookworm Game: Automatic Discovery of LTE Vulnerabilities Through Documentation Analysis", IEEE S&P 2021
  16. Basin et al.: "The EMV Standard: Break, Fix, Verify", IEEE S&P 2021
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