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Trustworthy Generative Machine Learning

Seminar Description

Generative machine learning for different domains has become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. This includes text generation using ChatGPT, image and video generation using diffusion-model-based methods, and audio and voice cloning. However, all these models are vulnerable to issues like training data memorization, misalignment, and prompt injection.

In this seminar, you will work on specified topics that cover explanations of recent generative models and specialized attack vectors and their countermeasures. 


The seminar is structured into two parts.

  • One dry run presentation on your specific topic where you will get feedback from the lecturer and all seminar participants
  • The graded presentation 1-2 weeks after the dry run

Everyone must attend 16 out of 20 presentations. The seminar will take place every Tuesday from 2.15 pm until 3.45pm (room TBA)


Every will be assigned a topic for which you will read the current research and prepare a comprehensive presentation of 25 minutes. We will have the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Text Generative Models
  • Topic 2: Audio Generative Models
  • Topic 3: Image Generative Models
  • Topic 4: Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Topic 5: Multimodal Attacks
  • Topic 6: Fake Text Detection 
  • Topic 7: Alignment Attacks
  • Topic 8: Prompt Injection
  • Topic 9: Watermarking
  • Topic 10: Training Data​​​​​​​ Extraction


  • Apr 23: Kick-off (Meeting)
  • Apr 30: Topic assignment, Introduction to how to present
  • May 14: Dry run topic 1, dry run topic 2
  • May 28: Final presentation topic 1, dry run topic 3
  • Jun 4: Final presentation topic 2, dry run topic 4
  • Jun 11: Final presentation topic 3, dry run topic 5
  • Jun 18: Final presentation topic 4, dry run topic 6
  • Jun 25: Final presentation topic 5, dry run topic 7
  • Jul 2: Final presentation topic 6, dry run topic 8
  • Jul 9: Final presentation topic 7, dry run topic 9
  • Jul 16: Final presentation topic 8, dry run topic 10
  • Jul 23: Final presentation topic 9, final presentation topic 10
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