Exams and Additional Office Hours

Written on 15.02.2022 17:05 by Julian Siber

Dear students,

Please note the following ahead of the exam next week on Friday, 25th of February at 14:00pm. The exam will take place in lecture hall 0.01 (Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal) in E2 2. The re-exam will be on 28th of March in the same lecture hall. You need to pass either the exam or the re-exam to pass the course. Please also remember to register in the LSF at least one week before the exam, and again before the re-exam if you plan to attend it. Regarding Covid-related restrictions, you will get a separate mail from us.

The duration of the exams will be 150 minutes. They will be "open book", i.e., you are allowed to bring any hand-written or printed materials, including books, problem sets, and slides. Electronic devices such as e-book readers, smart watches, etc are not allowed.

This Wednesday, 16th of February, and next Monday, 21st of February, we will have additional Office Hours to assist you with the project and the exam preparation both starting at 10:15am. We have also uploaded an additional Problem Set in the CMS with problems that you can use for your preparation.

We wish you good luck for the exam,
Your Verification Team

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