Tutorial Assignment & MS Teams

Written on 22.10.2021 15:06 by Julian Siber

Dear students, 

We have assigned you to the tutorial slots. You can see your assigned tutorial on your Personal Status page.

Due to the great interest in the lecture, we have decided to offer dedicated offline and online tutorials in each time slot. The offline tutorials are located in Room 206, E1 1. For the online tutorials, we will use MS Teams.

Please join us on MS Teams by finding a link and code in this weeks Problem Set A. Use the code to join our team by selecting the button "Join or create team" in the top-right corner of the "Teams" page (selected on the left in MS Teams). You can use the Forum channel on MS Teams to find a group to work with, or to ask questions related to the course.

Have a nice weekend,
Your Verification Team

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