Vulnerability Incident Proseminar Prof. Dr. Christian Rossow


Vulnerability Assignment

Written: 12.05.2017 17:41 Written By: Christian Rossow

Thanks for voting for the vulnerability incidents. We will discuss the following incidents (responsible student's initials in brackets).

Day 1:

  • Sasser (DW)
  • Conficker (MS)
  • SQL Slammer (NG)

Day 2:

  • Shellshock (NG)
  • INTEL-SA-00075 (DW)
  • FREAK (MS)

Day 3:

  • DirtyCOW (MS)
  • Rowhammer (DW)
  • Stagefright (NG)

Please hand in the first report as a PDF by Wed 23rd 23:59 via CMS.

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