Improving grades in backup exam

Written on 25.07.2019 09:21 by Ben Stock

Yesterday in the inspection, there were several questions regarding improving one's grade in the backup exam. The Prüfungsordnung says explicitly that this must be announced at the beginning of the term. We did not announce this, hence by default, this means that the exam grade cannot be improved.

However, after lengthy discussions with both Prüfungsamt and Prüfungsausschuss, I have decided to allow improving grades in the backup exam. This is seemingly the practice for advanced lectures even in the absence of explicitly stating that the grade can be improved. I will also make sure that next year's lecture explicitly states if the grade can be improved.

Notably, though, just allowing this would create an unfairness towards those students who (knowing the examination rules) skipped the main exam to not pass with a bad grade, as just attending the backup exam would not give them the chance to improve the grade (which can only occur within the same semester). The solution is as follows: we will offer two additional exams. This way, any student who has skipped the main exam has one attempt to improve their grade, even if they pass the first backup exam. Further, any student who did not take the main exam can make an appointment with me to have a look at the main exam including solutions (essentially an exam inspection of the sample solution) within the next two weeks (until August 7). Any student who has passed the main exam can choose to join either one of the two exams. However, if you passed the exam this week and pass the first backup, you cannot take the second backup (the exam regulations specifically say you can attempt to improve once).

The date for the first of the two exams is set for September 18, 13-15 in HS 002. The second one will remain in the original slot for the backup exam, October 7, 14-16 in GHH.

- Two additional exams (September 18 and October 7)
- Students who passed this week can choose either to improve their grade
- Students who skipped this week can write the first exam and improve in the second

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