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Web Security

The lecture will take place every Wednesday from 10-12, starting April 10th.

This lecture is an advanced lecture in Web security. At the very least, having taking CySec1/CySec2 or Security will significantly ease taking this course. If you are looking for easy 6CP, this is not the lecture for you. If you want to learn a lot about different aspects of Web Security and understand how flaws can be exploited and fixed and are willing to commit significant effort to a course, this is the right course for you.

Due to the significant effort in grading your solutions every week and hardware limitations, this course can only accommodate up to 60 students.


  • Main exam: TBA
  • Backup exam: TBA


After each lecture, you will be assigned exercises. These will typically consist of both theoretical questions and practical problems.

To be admitted to the exam, the following two criteria need to be fulfilled:

  • On average, you reach 50% of all available points for all exercise sheets.
  • On each exercise sheet, you reach at least 25% of the points. You may only skip up to 2 sheets altogether (or get less than 25% of the points on them).

Naturally, if a student is sick and therefore unable to submit their sheet, the sheet will not be considered. This only holds true if:

  • The student is reported sick by a doctor's note on the day of the submission
  • The doctor's note is submitted before or right after the submission deadline. At the very least, inform the tutor about the fact that you are sick.

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