Updates after exam inspection / clarification about POP

Written on 25.10.2019 19:26 by Ben Stock

After the feedback from the students in the exam inspection, we have had another look at the task about server-side requests. Unfortunately, the lecture did not really discuss three names for attacks, but the sample solution contained those. We have thus decided that each correct description of an attack gives 2 points and not just 1 (for missing the name). Hence, a number of students now have more points there.

Also, regarding the POP task, I explicitly said this topic would not be covered in the exam. I only noticed the issue when looking at the graded exams. Hence, I decided that in order to get 100% of all points, you did not have to fill that task, i.e., 100% equaled 114 points. Accordingly, to pass, you needed 57 points. If you wrote an answer there, we nevertheless gave you points for correct answers.

Please see the CMS for the final results (which I will upload to LSF/HISPOS now).

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