Next Seminar on 01.02.2023

Written on 27.01.2023 15:51 by Niklas Medinger

Dear All,

The next seminar(s) take place on 01.02.2023 at 14:30 (Session A).

Session A: (14:30-15:00)
Julian Biehl

Meeting-ID: 967 8620 5841
Kenncode: BT!u5=

Session A:

14:30 - 15:00

Speaker: Julian Biehl
Type of talk: Master Final
Advisor: Dr. Robert Künnemann
Title: Translating Multiset Rewrite Rules to ProVerif
Research Area: RA2

Abstract: Protocol verification tools are a means of modeling security protocols and checking whether they fulfill the desired security guarantees. One popular example for such a tool is Tamarin, which relies on multiset rewrite rules to model protocols. Another popular tool is ProVerif, where protocols are modeled in a process calculus. Since ProVerif is generally known to be very efficient, the question arises if the tool could perhaps be used to analyze some Tamarin models faster than Tamarin itself, provided a translation of those models. Translating MSR rules to ProVerif is not straightforward, but possible using some abstractions. In this thesis, we propose such a translation, implemented as an extension to Tamarin. We will also evaluate our translation using a variety of protocol models which were already written for Tamarin and compare the performance of the two.

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