Cryptographic Authentication Lucjan Hanzlik


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Cryptographic Authentication

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Authentication systems are crucial components in almost all areas of the digital world. They provide means for secure access control, privacy protection, and building trust between remote devices. We use those systems daily to log in to access emails, banking, and social media accounts, and even to access our smartphones and computers. We can authenticate ourselves remotely using modern electronic identification documents (eID), allowing us to use eGovernment services. We are often unaware that those systems are executed in the background between machines.

In this seminar, we will look at the cryptography behind authentication systems. Topics covered will include basic challenge-response authentication protocols, deniable authentication based on Diffie-Hellman key exchange, and authentication of eIDs and ePassports. We will also discuss privacy-preserving authentication mechanisms like group/ring signatures, anonymous credentials, and Privacy Pass.


- Kick-off meeting during the first week of the semester, time and date (TBD)
- 2 (or 3) days block course with 6 (or 4) hour-long meetings, time and date (TBD)


- Kick-off meeting via zoom
- In-person meeting or via zoom (depending on student preference) 





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