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Written: 17.02.2018 09:44 Written By: Ben Stock

Dear all,

please find the conference schedule for February, 27th, in the following. Recall that attendance is mandatory and we start on time at 9 am.

09:00  Post-Quantum Group Signatures (Kevin Morio)
09:25  Ring Signatures (Yassir Kozha)

09:50  Information spread in social networks and viral marketing (Marius Bleif)
10:15  The State of Friendship Prediction with Mobility Data (Peter Tikhonov)

10:40  Alexa where is the ministry of love: Evaluating the (in)security of Digital Assisstants (Marius Steffens)
11:05  Adversarial Machine Learning - A comprehensive walkthrough (Simeon Hoffmann)
11:30  Didn't you see that traffic sign? The challenge of testing automotive systems (Sebastian Roth)

13:00  Vulnerability Notifications (Alexander Fink)
13:25  Passwords Offline Attacks: A Comprehensive Overview (Aftab Alam)
13:50  DesperaDoS:an overview of denial-of-service mitigation and traceback techniques (Roman Tabachnikov)

14:15  Privilege Escalation (Jayanth Jain H. Ajith Kumar)
14:40  Secure Compilation An examination of different approaches (Hendrik Leidinger)
15:05  Code Reuse Attacks and Defenses: A Brief History (Muhammad Sarmad Khan)
15:30  The Impact of Third-party Code on App Security (Lea Gröber)

15:55  Android permissions (Askar Zaitov)
16:20  Coverage-based Security Testing (Marius Smytzek)
16:45  Crowd Intelligence for Mobile Software Engineering (Ali Maqsood)

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