Computer Networks book:

  1. Network Layer: In Figure 5.2 ("Routing within a datagram network"), host C routes to D via E, although C has a direct connection to D.
  2. Network Layer: Section 5.5 mentions that "IP is more generous, allows for packets as big as 65,515 bytes", whereas this should say "for payloads" instead (or 65,535 bytes if you want to keep packets).
  3. P2P: In the Chord description ("DHTs" subsection), it says "Otherwise, the finger table is searched for the entry whose `start` field is the closest predecessor of `key`." Instead, this should read: "Otherwise, the finger table is searched for the node whose ID is the closest predecessor of `key`." The description of the example below should be fixed accordingly (the lookup path happens to stay the same despite this error).


  1. Network Layer slides: same as 1. above on slides 9-10.
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