Automated Debugging Andreas Zeller + Konstantin Kuznetsov + Johannes Lampel


No lecture today, but video + material already available; ongoing student evaluation

Written: 12.01.2021 15:13 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Hello everyone,

I have an unplanned doctoral appointment this afternoon, and thus cannot present the lecture as planned. This is particularly sad, as today's topic is one of the absolute highlights of automated debugging (and this code), namely automatically repairing code. This will also be the base for your third project.

Fortunately, all the material is ready for you to read and try out. You can find the chapter at

And I also have pre-recorded a short intro video for today's topic, which you can find at

Finally, we have a student evaluation ongoing on this week, and you are welcome to leave comments on the course.

Please take five minutes to fill out these forms; any feedback is highly appreciated.

We will monitor the forum for any questions you might have. Hope to see you in person again next week,

Andreas Zeller

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