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Installing debuggingbook as a Python module

Written: 08.02.2021 13:35 Written By: Andreas Zeller

Dear all,

We have created a beta debuggingbook package that you can install as a Python module, using pip:

$ pip install -i debuggingbook==0.8.0rc2

After installing debuggingbook, you can use all of its features within your Python code:

from debuggingbook.Debugger import Debugger
with Debugger():

But you can also run the scripts right away:

$ cd PYTHON_DIR/site-packages/debuggingbook; python

We have made a couple of adjustments such that both importing and running should work smoothly. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

If things run smoothly, we will make debuggingbook an official Python package which will then be updated at regular intervals.

Enjoy! -- Your course team

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