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Proposal Feedback & Revision

Written: 12.02.2021 18:09
Modified: 17.02.2021 11:06
Written By: Johannes Lampel

Dear all,

We send out feedback to all students who uploaded their proposals on time. All students whose proposal was not approved should provide a response to our feedback using the Contribution of Your Choice - Proposal Revision submission until Tuesday, February 16th, 11:59 pm

Students who did not yet submit a proposal can still do so using the aforementioned submission (also until Tuesday, February 16th, 11:59 pm).
However, you can now only choose one of the project ideas already mentioned in the project description.
Note, that you need to submit a proposal in order to work on the project.

If you have any questions regarding our feedback, please send us an email.

-- Your course team

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