Seminar Papers and Dates

2020-05-08 Initial Meeting

2020-05-15 Intro talk: How to Give a Talk.

2020-05-22 Basic Fuzzing. B.P. Miller, L. Fredriksen, and B. So, "An Empirical Study of the Reliability of UNIX Utilities", Communications of the ACM 33 12 (December 1990)

2020-05-29 Structured Fuzzing. A. Zeller et al. "Fuzzing with Grammars"

2020-06-05 Evolutionary Fuzzing. Sanjay Rawat et al. "VUzzer: Application-aware Evolutionary Fuzzing"

2020-06-12 Symbolic Test Generation. C. Cadar et al. "KLEE: Unassisted and Automatic Generation of High-Coverage Tests for Complex Systems Programs"

2020-06-19 Statistical Debugging. J. Jones, M.J. Harrold, J. Stasko "Visualization of test information to assist fault localization"

2020-06-26 Delta Debugging. A. Zeller "Simplifying and Isolating Failure-Inducing Input".

2020-07-03 Dynamic Invariants. M. Ernst et al. "Dynamically Discovering Likely Program Invariants to Support Program Evolution"

2020-07-10 Automated software repair. W. Weimer et al. "Automatically finding patches using genetic programming". 2009 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 364-374.

2020-07-17 Final Presentations.
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