Questions and Answers

1. How do I ask a question? If you have a question or comment, follow this simple checklist:

  1. check whether the answer can be found on this page, if not then
  2. check whether the answer can be found in the slides, books, lecture recordings, or assignment sheets, if not then
  3. check whether the answer has already been given on the Forumif not then
  4. post your question on the Forum such that TAs, tutors, and fellow students can help, only if this is not possible
  5. write a polite email to from your university account. The TAs will involve the lecturers if necessary.

2. Can I email the lecturers directly? Not unless you want your message to get lost in the enormous avalanche of emails they receive every day.

3. How long until you answer? As soon as we can, ideally within a day. We monitor the Forum and email only during working days.

4. How will you contact us? General messages will be shared in the lectures, on the relevant page here on CMS, and/or by email to all registered students.



5. What about COVID? Lectures and tutorials will be hybrid. For the in-person parts of EML we follow the hygiene regulations of Saarland University. 

6. What is the difference between EML (winter term) and ML (summer term)? EML is a 6 ECTS lecture that offers a gentle introduction to machine learning that focuses on intuition. ML is a 9 ECTS core lecture that is both more comprehensive and mathematically more detailed.

7. How is the course organized? Lecture 0 explains it in detail. You can find the slides and recording under Materials as well as on the Lectures page. We answer any remaining questions in Tutorial 1. You can always ask questions in the Forum.

8. I took EML last year, do I have to redo the assignments? Yes.

Assignments - General

7. Will you publish solutions to the assignments? Yes, we will post sample solutions for both the Theory and Practical questions. The answers to the Bonus questions will be discussed in the tutorials only.

8. Do you record solution tutorials? No.

9. How do I get clarification on my assignment grading? By asking in a Tutorial.

10. What should my submission look like? See the checklist in the Assignments section.

11. Can I team up with a partner who is not in the same tutorial group? Yes.

12. Do I need to create a new team on CMS for every assignment? Yes. To make it possible for people to switch teams during the course, everyone has to create a new team for every assignment. This 'new' team may of course still be with your previous partner.

13. How many people can a team have in total? 2.

14. Is forming a team mandatory? No. You can also submit on your own.


Assignments - Code of Conduct

15. Do I have to hand in signed a code of conduct for every assignment? Yes.

16. Can I sign the code of conduct digitally? Yes.

17. What happens, if I do not hand in the code of conduct? We will not grade your submission.

18. Does every team member have to hand in their own signed code of conduct? Yes.


Assignments - Practical 

19. May I submit the practical assignments in <my favorite programming language>? We only consider submissions in Python/Jupyter Notebooks.

20. Does my code need to run? Yes, you will only receive points if your code runs and produces the correct answer.


Grading and Exam

21. Can I do the exam online? No, the exams will be exclusively in person.

22. How will my final grade be determined? See the page on Exams

23. How do I (de)register for the exam? See the page on Exams.

24. I am an Erasmus student. Can I take the course? Yes. For details on how this works with registering for the exam, see the page on Exams.


For answers to more questions, please check the Forum. If you have a question yourself, see point number 1 above for how to ask it.


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