• Roughly every two weeks, there will be a new exercise sheet that you have to hand hin on the due date (usually after two weeks)
  • Most exercises are practical hands-on (i.e., you get hardware and have to write code for it)
  • Some of the practical exercises require you to get personalised flags that you need to submit, either
    • through the submission web service (see exercise sheet for instructions)
    • using physical means (might be plug, light, infrared, radio waves, ...)

Submission of Assignments

  • Submission by one member of your team suffices (you will be matched)
  • Format: PDF containing the answers to the tasks on the exercise sheets and a short description of the code and your solution
  • Code (if applicable): with your solution
  • Flag Verifyer: http://emsec.cispa.saarland/verify_flag (Success will be logged automatically)
  • If you have problems or questions, visit the office hour, thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm in room 2.21 (CISPA Building E9.1)


Exercise Assignment Sheets

Exercise Topic Due Date

Exercise #1


Microcontrollers and Electronics Basics
For curious students: Source code of mysterious chip

April 30 before the lecture (9:59 am)
Exercise #2 Side Channels, Covert Channels May 14 before the lecture (9:59 am)
Exercise #3 Automotive Security June 04 before the lecture (9:59 am)
Exercise #4 Wireless Security June 25 before the lecture (9:59 am)
Exercise #5 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) July 09 before the lecture (9:59 am)
Exercise #6    
Exercise #7    


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