Embedded Security Stefan N├╝rnberger



Office hours

From now on, there will be office hours on thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm in room 2.21 in E 9 1.

Feel free to come if you have problems with your project or questions concerning the lecture.


Change of Lecture Hall for Next Monday (April 23)

Next Monday (April 23), we'll be in the CISPA Presentation Room (Room 0.01 ground floor) instead of the big lecture hall.
The presentation room is just opposite the lecture hall (on the right hand side when you enter foyer)


See you then!


Lecture Slides and Exercise 01 (Microcontrollers & Basics) is online

The lecture slides from today's lecture are online: https://cms.cispa.saarland/emsec/dl/3/Lecture-01-Microcontrollers.pdf

For the exercise, have a look at the Exercise page.

REMINDER: Pick-up of hardware tomorrow, April 17, 16:00 in the CISPA lecture hall


Embedded Security @ Semester Kickoff

Embedded Security will be presented at the Semester-Kick-Off-meeting (Monday, April 9th, 2018)  in "Günter-Hotz-Lecture-Hall", building E2 2, 4.30 p.m.


Embedded Security


Embedded Security ("Emsec") takes place weekly, every Monday 10-12 am in the CISPA Lecture Hall

It is accompanied by bi-weekly practical exercises that should be done in groups of two students.

Time Table Overview

Time Table
Date Lecture Exercise
April 16 Introduction, Organisational
Topic: Microcontrollers

CISPA Lecture Hall
Exercise #1
Until April 30 at 9:59
April 23 CISPA Presentation Room (0.01)  
April 30   Exercise #2 -> Until May 14 at 9:59
May 07    
May 14 CISPA Lecture Hall Exercise #3 -> Until May 28 at 9:59
May 21    
May 28 CISPA Lecture Hall Exercise #4 -> Until June 11 at 9:59
June 04 CISPA Lecture Hall  
June 11 Guest Lecture TPM 1/3
(Sven Bugiel)
CISPA Lecture Hall
June 18 Guest Lecture TPM 2/3
(Sven Bugiel)
CISPA Lecture Hall
June 25 Guest Lecture TPM 3/3
(Sven Bugiel)
CISPA Lecture Hall
Exercise #5 (TPM)
Until July 09 at 9:59
July 02 CISPA Lecture Hall  
July 09 CISPA Lecture Hall Exercise #6 -> Until July 16 at 9:59
July 16 CISPA Lecture Hall Hand in Exercise #6



  • Programming in C/C++
  • Built your own computer from components (graphics card, processor, motherboard, ...)

Knowledge You'll Gain

  • Electrical engineering basics
  • Interconnection of hardware and their inner workings
  • (secure) design principles
  • Creativity


  • Groups of two students work together for the duration of the semester
  • As a courtesy, please remember that dropping out of this course means that you leave your group partner behind. So if unsure, leave room for students who are enthusiastic about attending this course
  • Creative solutions are welcome



  • 47% exercise (answers to questions in the exercise sheet and practical hands-on programming of hardware)
  • 47% final exam (end of semester)
  • 6% pure luck (bias in favour of you in case of doubt)

If you encounter technical problems, please contact the administrators