Exercise 2 points are online, Office hour changes and building access

Written on 16.05.2018 10:17 by Simeon Hoffmann

The points for exercise 2 are online now.

The overall schedule of the course changes a little bit: instead of office hour every week, we will offer a tutorial in the week after you submitted an exercise in the office hour slot. In this tutorial, we will discuss the solution of the most recent exercise sheet. This tutorial takes place in the lecture hall. This new schedule starts immediately, hence there will be a tutorial tomorrow at 4 pm in the lecture hall.

As you might need building access for future exercises again, please send your card id (the number in the top left of your UDS card) in a mail to one of the tutors if you do not have building access already. Make sure that it is a 17-digit number, as the older cards (less digits) are not supported for granting building access. If you have such an old card, you can change it to the newer model at campus center. It should be free of charge if you mention that you need access to the CISPA building.

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