Exercise 2 and lecture next week

Written on 11.05.2018 15:00 by Simeon Hoffmann

Exercise 2:

We acknowledge that the second task from the current exercise is out of scope for this course (too hard). Hence we change the evaluation of this exercise: you will get up to full points for this exercise if you can present an approach that will lead you to the result and that shows that you understood the problem. You DO NOT need the secret to receive full points for this exercise. However if you managed to extract the secret and can present how you did it, you will be awarded 5 bonus points.

Lecture next week:
There will be no lecture next week and thus no new exercise sheet. Please note that the current deadline IS NOT extended.

Next week on monday (a holiday), there will be a video upload with a new lecture and a new exercise sheet. You have the full two weeks to work on this exercise sheet.

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