• Roughly every two weeks, there will be a new exercise sheet that you have to hand in on the due date (usually after two weeks)
  • Most exercises are practical hands-on (i.e., you get hardware and have to write code for it)
  • Some of the practical exercises require you to get personalised flags that you need to submit, either
    • through the submission web service (see exercise sheet for instructions)
    • using physical means (might be plug, light, infrared, radio waves, ...)

Rules for Submission

  • The solutions must be submitted via CMS as a PDF
  • Put names and matriculation numbers of all students who authored the solutions on the PDF itself.
  • Explain how you solved each task (otherwise 0 points)
  • If not stated otherwise, code must be written in C, C++ or Python.
  • Additional files (e.g. source code) should be added to a .zip (with the PDF solution)
  • Label your solutions corresponding to the exercises on the task sheet.
  • Handwritten solutions are accepted, but they have to be readable; otherwise points might be deducted.
  • Please do not share info that is not publicly known (via the lecture or the exercise sheet), especially not in the forum.
  • If you have questions that might leak deduced information, write a mail to the tutors or visit the office hours instead of creating a post in the forum.

Exercise Assignment Sheets

Exercise Topic Due Date

Exercise 01

Microcontrollers, Reverse Engineering and Side Channels May 15, 23:59
Exercise 02 Automotive, CAN and buffer overflow May 29, 23:59
Exercise 03 Bluetooth Low Energy and protocol security. June 12, 23:59
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