Global References

This is a list of all references found in the slides:


  1. "98% of all produced processors run in embedded systems"
  2. PIC16F 8 Bit Microcontroller Family Datasheet
  3. AVRdude Project and Source (best use avrdude package from your distribution)
  4. Cross-Platform Hex Editor wxHexEditor
  5. Draw Circuits with EasyEDA
  6. Draw Circuits, PCBs and Breadboard Layouts with Fritzing
  7. Resistor Colour Code Calculator
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  12. Keyboard Electromagnetic Eavesdropper:

  13. The TEMPEST Program by the NSA (Nowadays also certification against EM eminence)

  14. FYI: TEMPEST can play music

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  32. Volkswagen Self-Study Program 238

  33. Volkswagen Self-Study Program 269 (

  34. VatiCAN Authentication Solution is open source:

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  41. Key Re-Installation Attack: Forcing Key Reuse in WPA2. Mathy Vanhoef, Frank Piessens.

  42. Undefined Behaviour (C/C++):

  43. Undefined Behaviour (C/C++):

  44. MicroPython for embedded systems 

  45. Microsoft Singularity Operating System source code (written in C# / SPEC#) 

  46. Another C# Operating System: Cosmos

  47. The .net Micro Framework

  48. The Redox OS written in Rust

  49. Cert C Safe Coding Standards

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  53. Intel Developer Guideline for Hardware Randomness

  54. SGX Sides Channels:

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