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Regarding tutoring sessions

Written: 12.04.2019 12:11
Modified: 16.05.2019 10:30
Written By: Daniel Frassinelli

Electronics Tutorial

There will be a ONE TIME tutorial on basic electronics on Thursday 18/04/2019 in CISPA lecture hall at 10:00-12:00. 
Please be present in order to collect the hardware (you may leave afterwards).


Tutoring hours

There will be bi-weekly tutoring sessions starting from Thursday 09/05/2019. The tutoring time is 16:00-18:00 -- room 2.02 at CISPA
If you have any questions please drop by and ask!


Exercise solutions 

After each exercise deadline, there will a session in which the solution will be explained and demonstrated!
This starts from Thursday 16/05/2019 (which is the deadline for the first exercise). The time is 16:00-18:00 -- room 0.06 at CISPA

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