[CISPA Embedded Systems Security Seminar] Bidding deadline: 13 Feb CET

Written on 11.02.2023 08:44 by Ali Abbasi

Dear all,
[tl;dr] Update your conflicts and topic preferences before placing your paper bids. Deadline for bidding: **13 Feb 23:59:59 CET**.
Read over the reviewer guidelines:
There are some adjustments to the deadlines
Next immediate deadline: 13th Feb for bidding (
Thank you for agreeing to serve on the "CISPA Embedded Systems Security Seminar" Program Committee. I look forward to working with you all to select a set of exciting papers.
Our conference has received a total of 8 submissions which is great!
- For those reviewing for the first time for ISPA Embedded Systems Security Seminar, please make sure that you read the reviewer guidelines (
- For experienced reviewers, pay special attention to the deadlines.
*** Before bidding, please check your profile to ensure that you have indicated the appropriate topic interest. During the bidding process, this will help you identify papers close to your interests. Also, be sure to enter your conflicts of interest if you have not already. You can make updates here:
*** Please enter positive bids on at least 2 papers (the more, the better), which will help ensure that you are assigned submissions that you are qualified to review, and to ensure coverage across all 3 rounds of our reviewing process.
Please enter your bids here, following the instructions at the top of the page:
As a reminder, here is the overall schedule:
• Paper bidding deadlne: Feb 13th 2022 (23:59:59,CET)
• Review deadline: 20 Feb (23:59:59 CET)
• Discussion (Online): 22 Feb (23:59:59 CET)
• PC Meeting (Online/Hybrid): 23 Feb (12:30)
• Authors Notification: 2nd March (23:59:59,CET)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Best regards,
About Paper Bidding

Paper bidding for journal/conference is a process that is used by some academic journals and conferences to assign the task of reviewing submissions to individual reviewers. In this process, potential reviewers are invited to bid on the papers they would like to review. This can be done through an online system or during a physical meeting, where reviewers express their interest in reviewing a particular paper.

The goal of paper bidding is to ensure that the reviewing process is efficient and fair, and to give reviewers the opportunity to choose the papers they would like to review based on their expertise and research interests. By allowing reviewers to bid on papers, the journal or conference can ensure that the best-suited reviewer is assigned to each paper, which can lead to a more thorough and accurate review.

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