Ethics in Security Research Divyanshu Bhardwaj, Katharina Krombholz


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Ethics in Security Research

In this seminar, we discuss ethical considerations on cybersecurity research. We will mainly focus on empirical and offensive security research. You will learn how to identify "good" and "bad" ethical practices and how to modify research setups in order to comply with high methodological standards and ethics guidelines.

The kick-off meeting for this seminar will be on 17 May at 10.00 am (in-person, room 3.21 at CISPA, Stuhlsatzenhaus 5) .



1) Kick-off (17 May at 10:00 am) : "Keynote" on Ethics in Security Research + Discussion; Seminar instructions for students.

2) Paper reading phase (tbd): Pick two papers from the reading list; read the two papers and fill out the ERB (ethics review board) form.

3) Discussion on papers and ERB forms (tbd)

4) Presentations on ethical challenges detected in the papers from the reading list (tbd)

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