First lecture / unregistration

Written on 15.04.2024 18:40 by Ben Stock

Dear all,

we start our lectures this week on Wednesday at 10 am (c.t.) in CISPA's 0.05 lecture hall (when you enter the building, it's on your left behind the counter). Note that with the currently signed up students, it will be crowded, so please don't leave any spaces between each other.

Also, given that we have reached our capacity a while back, I closed the ability for other to register. I have received a number of requests to join, so should want to not attend the lecture after all, please use the option to unregister from the course. This may allow others to take the course. And while I have your attention here, let me remind you that this is not your average 6CP course and you will have to invest significant time and effort (but I promise, you will learn a lot).

Note that we will be recording the Q/A sessions we do weekly, but uploading of those may be delayed. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to attend the weekly meetings.

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