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... for the draft is now visible via the CMS​

Call for seminar papers is out

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Instructions, paper formatting and deadlines can be found here:

Seminar registration

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Please note that you can now sign up for the seminar in the LSF/HISPOS. You have to sign up within three weeks of the topic assignment (i.e., yesterday). If you fail to do so, you risk failing the course. You can also only unregister from the seminar until the three week deadline is over.

Topics have been assigned + schedule for presentations is online

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Topics: they should be visible in your student overview.

Schedule: see the calendar.

Joint Advances in Web Security

In this seminar, students will learn to present, discuss, and summarize papers in different areas of Web security. The seminar is taught as a combination of a reading group with weekly meetings and a regular seminar, where you have to write a seminar paper. Specifically, each student will get a single topic assigned to them, consisting of two papers (a lead and follow-up paper).



Rules of the House

For the weekly meetings, all students have to have read the lead paper and must state at least three questions before the meeting. In the meeting, the assigned student will present the follow-up paper. Afterward, the entire group will discuss both papers.

For students taking this as a seminar, each student will write a seminar paper on the topic assigned to them, which covers at least the two papers given for the topic. For proseminar students, there is no need to write a paper.



Important Dates

  • ► Kickoff meeting: Thursday 24/10/2019 at 10:00, Room 0.06, CISPA Building
  • Thursdays: The seminar will take place every Thursday, from 24.10. Schedule is available here. (mandatory)
  • Wednesdays: Questions submission deadlines (mandatory)
  • Mondays: Students who would like to have feedback on their presentation can submit the slide deck in PDF format two days prior the presentation (optional).



List of Topics and Papers

The list of topics and paper can be found here.



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