Lecture schedule

The lectures will take place every Friday 10:00 – 12:00 in building E9 1 (CISPA), lecture hall ground floor (room 0.05).

Date Topic
25.10. Kick-off
Motivation and Basic Concepts
01.11. No Lecture (All Saints' Day)!
08.11. Security Concepts and Intro to Android's Security Architecture
15.11. Security Architecture: Access Control and Permissions

Security Architecture: Role of Binder IPC

29.11. Security Architecture: Mandatory Access Control
06.11. Security Architecture: Revisiting compartmentalization
Security APIs
13.12. Advanced Attacks and Problems
Intro to Android System Programming and Course Project
20.12. No lecture!
27.12. No lecture! (Christmas holidays)
03.01. No lecture! (Christmas holidays)

(Room 0.01)

Network Security: SSL
17.01. Network Security: WebViews

Application-layer Security Extensions
Smart Home IoT

31.01. Hardware-based mobile platform security‚Äč
07.02. Exam Q&A
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