Update on Backup Exam

Written on 30.04.2020 17:13 by Sven Bugiel

Dear all,

here an update regarding the backup exam:

written backup exam will be offered in the additional exam period between October 19 - October 30.

We additionally offer an optional oral exam on May 25 and May 26. The oral exam is optional for students that have time limitations etc (for example, if you need your grade before October). If you do not participate in the oral exam, your next possible attempt is the written exam in October (this affects students that want to improve their current grade).


  • If you want to take the oral exam, please register in the LSF for it.
  • If you were registered in the LSF for the original date of the backup exam, please check if you are still registered (and unregister in case you don't want to take the oral exam!).
  • Registration/Unregistration is possible until May 18.
  • If you want to take the oral exam, besides LSF registration, also indicate your available timeslots in Doodle (Deadline: May 18). The link to the doodle is posted in a new section in the course materials in the CMS.

The oral exam will take place via Zoom, following the guidelines published by the university, and will take 30 minutes. For those students that will take the oral exam, we offer to test their Zoom setup prior to the exam with us.

Cheers and stay healthy,

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