Semester Project


This page summarizes some resources to help you to conduct the semester project.


There are multiple online datasets.

  • SNAP from Stanford (recommended):
  • Arizona State University:
  • UCI dataset:

Datasets we have at CISPA:

  • Location datasets from Instagram (
  • Hashtag datasets (

You can also collect datasets yourself

  • Twitter's API with Tweepy

Some papers

Attribute Inference:

  • paper:
  • video:

Unicity of Location:

  • paper:
  • video:
  • video:

Membership Inference of Machine Learning:

  • paper:
  • video:

Stealing Machine Learning Models:

  • paper:
  • video:


  • paper:
  • video:


  • paper:


It is highly recommended to use Anaconda to do your project, Anaconda is a data science distribution of python, it contains almost all the packages you need for your project.

Anaconda can be downloaded here:

The packages we need are:

pandas, numpy, scipy, and scikit-learn

There are multiple videos on youtube that introduce pandas, you can take any of them and have a quick look,




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