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Protocol part commencing // Exercise submission // Askbot activated

Written: 02.07.2018 10:29 Written By: Robert K├╝nnemann

Hi everyone,

the protocol part is starting at 12:00, and I am as excited as you are. Please remember to take an early lunch, as we have to make up for last week's lecture, so we will start at exactly 12:00, and finish at 14:15. As of now, you can find chapter 1 of the script and the exercise sheet #2 in the CMS. I am happy for any typos that you find.

Furthermore, we managed to figure out how the CMS handles the exercise submissions, so starting from now, you can use the CMS'es mechanism. Consequently, the submission deadline for the first exercise sheet was extended by two days.

Finally, I've activated the askbot module, and ask you to use it for questions instead of the forum, as the forum seems to not always send email notifications. We've kept the forum activated, though, so that previous discussion remains available.

Cheers, Robert


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