First exercise released

Written on 11.05.2020 11:05 by Nils Ole Tippenhauer

I published the material for the first exercise, related to SPA from the first lecture. A couple of notes from my side:


- You are allowed to work in groups of 2. Please form groups on your side. If you do not have a group and would like to be in one, please use the askbot to announce this, and form groups with others. You can also still change groups in later exercises.

-  I am only giving you ~one week because a) due to delayed start, we otherwise don't have enough time for other content, and b) this first exercise is more about getting you to look into ways to display and analyze signals, and could be solved in around 10 lines of Python code (+ manual interpretation of the figures).

- If you have any questions, please raise them on askbot so that the others can also see them. Don't spoil solutions.

- I did not schedule an online exercise session so far. If you feel there is a need for this, please raise this via askbot and we can organize this.

- Warning: This exercise is building on prior year's exercise, but the solution is not the same. I will check for plagiarism in the submissions.

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