Q: Will the joint event be held online or in person?

A: We would like to organize the event in-person. However, at this very moment, we cannot anticipate how the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve over this winter. We will keep you posted.


Q: Would it be a problem if someone cannot attend in person for the joint event (if it's decided that it's physical)?

A: In that case, we will consider exceptions for justified cases only (e.g., cases deemed valid by the examination office).


Q: Do we also get the chance to work with the startups if we are eligible?

A: This lecture is about developing a project idea, its business potential, and learning how to pitch. We will not provide a platform to search or offer a job.


Q: At the end of the semester do we have to have a working project or just the "Research and the blueprint"?

A: Your task is to come up with the project idea, i.e., a blueprint, not a working project. A working project is not required, but welcome, if available. However, while the working project is not required, the blueprint must explore the viability of the technical idea and its marketability.


Q: Is it necessary for us to have knowledge in cybersecurity for the CP? Like if I am not into that, or is it just recommended? So I mean do I need requirements?

A: Background in security is not formally required. However, having a technical background on security and privacy topics may be more helpful when assessing the technical feasibility of an idea.


Q: If I have an idea and I want to take the feedback on my report/idea. What is the best way you would suggest to get technical feedback on my report before submitting?

A: We (Sven and Giancarlo) are a good starting point for feedback. As security is a broad area, we may not be able to provide feedback on all ideas. However, we would be happy to help you  find the right expert in your field (e.g., among CISPA researchers). 


Q: Do I need to inform the examination office in advance, if I am taking this course as elective?

A: Whether you can get the CP from this course, depends on the regulations of your BSc/MSc program. Check for instance LSF/HISPOS or check your examination office whether you can get the CP from this course.


Q: Once pitch has been done through this course, what other platforms are provided to launch our idea as a startup? Or will there be an extended encouragement?

We encourage students to explore project ideas they would like to pursue as a business opportunity. Among the other goals, this lecture intends to help you develop your own network of contacts, and give you a chance to connect more with the CISPA Tech Transfer team and a VC. Students who intend to develop their ideas further are encouraged to reach out to them and discuss opportunities. For instance, there is one VC present at the pitch, with whom you might pick this up depending on the success of your pitch, and the CISPA technology transfer can help with transferring ideas, refining business ideas, and acquiring funding.


Q: Will the pitches done be individually or in groups?

A: For this particular course, the pitches are individually. But if you find a group of peers with whom you created a great idea, please inform us and we can accommodate a group pitch. This is more applicable for ECS students that are supposed to build groups for a startup.


Q: Do we need to ask questions for the very next session?

A: Yes. Please inform yourself about how to do a pitch and about what Marc is doing as part of the CISPA technology transfer in order to come up with questions.


Q: Do I have to use real names in Zoom?

A: We need to identify the students that attend for getting CP in order to check attendance. Otherwise, the usual rules apply (i.e., no offending names, etc.).


Q: Are CySec Bsc. students able to collect CPs here?

A: Yes, 5 CP as elective CP (“Freie Punkte”).


Q: Will the talks be recorded?

A: No. We don’t record to accommodate the wishes of our presenters.


Q: Is it possible to earn the CP here without being a student of cybersecurity?

A: Yes, we don’t enforce a particular study program, but check in LSF or with your examination office if your concrete study program regulations allow getting CP from this course.


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