Grades in CMS

Written on 29.11.20 by Sven Bugiel

The grading has _finally_ been finished and the grades are in the CMS and LSF. You can find a breakdown of your grade as well as commented PDFs as feedback in the CMS. Please let me know if you have questions regarding your grading/feedback.

Feedback for draft reports

Written on 22.09.20 by Sven Bugiel

The feedback for the draft reports has been uploaded. Since the feedback took longer than anticipated, I moved the submission deadline for the final report to the 12.10. (i.e., one week later).

Reminder: LSF Registration

Written on 19.05.20 by Sven Bugiel

A short reminder to register in the LSF for this course. Registration closes on Friday (thanks Joshua for the hint).

Changes in schedule

Written on 05.05.20 by Sven Bugiel

Please note that there was a slight change in the schedule and the topic "Permission Evolution" will take place on July 10.

Thus, please read only the papers for "Permission Revolution" until May 15 and only prepare questions for that topic.

Topics assigned

Written on 03.05.20 by Sven Bugiel

The topics have now been assigned. Unfortunately, there was an extreme bias towards a small set of topics, such I needed to assign topics that were not chosen or very unpopular to some students.

See you on May 15 for the first two presentations and discussion. Same Zoom meeting as for the kick-off.

Kick-off slides and recording online

Written on 01.05.20 by Sven Bugiel

The slides and a Youtube link to the kick-off recording can be found under Materials in the CMS.

An Askbot system has now also been activated.

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Selected Topics in Mobile Security

(Summer Term 2020)

CISPA / Saarland University


In this seminar, we will discuss current results and new problems in the mobile security domain based on relevant scientific papers. The focus of the selected papers lies on Android, given its high popularity among researchers. The topics include usability aspects of Android's permission system and security-relevant APIs, security extensions at different levels of Android's software stack, app analysis, and newly identified attack vectors.


Location Online via Zoom
Time Friday 14:00 - 16:00
Meeting Seminar (Weekly Meeting, depending on the number of participants)
No. of Students max. 12
Instructor Sven Bugiel
Contact Sven Bugiel (email)
Language  English
Kickoff Friday, May 1, 14:00 – 15:00


While sending any email related to the seminar, please prepend [stims20] to the subject line of the email.

Course structure and grading

The course is structured as a standard seminar. Every week, one student will present an assigned topic, which we will then discuss. Prior to this, all students are expected to read the papers carefully and prepare a list of discussion questions. Additionally, every student will write a short report on their assigned papers, in which the presentation should be elaborated in more details and potentially including results of the discussion. Grading will be based on the presentations, report, and general in-class participation.

Registration and pre-requisites

There are no formal pre-requisites beyond a basic knowledge of how computer systems work internally. Having worked with a smartphone as user or app developer, or participation in the Advanced Lecture Mobile Security are beneficial.

Registration is handled via the central registration system of the UdS.

Presentation schedule and topics

Date Topic Presenter
15.05. Permission revolution Agarwal, Shubham
22.05. IRM and App Virtualization Hoffmann, Marvin
29.05. UI-based Attacks Kazimov, Akbar
05.06. Usability for Developers Iglev, Stanimir
12.06. Risks of WebViews Densborn, Fabian
19.06. Third-Party Libraries Hilal, Fahad
26.06. Clone Detection and Prevention Sauer, Philipp
03.07. Smart Home IoT II Sonnet, Joshua
10.07. Permission evolution Wilhelm, Moritz
Android Malware Emmel, Daniel
17.07. Smart Home IoT Schackmann, Dominik
Secure Computing Meinerzag, Mirko


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