List of Papers

 1. Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement

    1.1. Flicker:An Execution Infrastructure for TCB Minimization - paper

    1.2  Efficient TCB Reduction and Attestation - paper
 2. Protocol verification

    2.1  Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA): Ensuring Privacy with Corrupt Administrators - paper

    2.2  Unified Security Analysis of Two-phase Key Exchange Protocols in TPM 2.0 - paper

    2.3  Property-based Attestation for Computing Platforms:Caring about properties, not mechanisms - paper
3. Trusted Platform Module(TPM)

    3.1. vTPM: Virtualizing the Trusted Platform Module - paper
    3.2. fTPM: A Software-only Implementation of a TPM Chip - paper
    3.3. cTPM: A Cloud TPM for Cross-Device Trusted Applications - paper
4. Trusted Execution Environment

    4.1. Open-TEE - An Open Virtual Trusted Execution Environment - paper

    4.2. SeCReT: Secure Channel between Rich Execution Environment and Trusted Execution Environment - paper
5. Trusted Computing in Mobile

    5.1. Beyond Kernel-level Integrity Measurement:Enabling Remote Attestation for the Android Platform - paper

    5.2. Hypervision Across Worlds: Real-time Kernel Protection from the ARM TrustZone Secure World - paper
6. Trusted Execution Environment exploitation

    6.1  BOOMERANG: Exploiting the Semantic Gap in Trusted Execution Environments - paper
7. Hardware Isolation

    7.1 Sanctum: Minimal Hardware Extensions for Strong Software Isolation - paper
    7.2 AEGIS: Architecture for Tamper-evident and Tamper-resistant Processing - paper
8. Intel SGX

    8.1 Controlled-Channel Attacks: Deterministic Side Channels for Untrusted Operating Systems - paper

    8.2 Inferring Fine-grained Control Flow Inside SGX Enclaves with Branch Shadowing - paper

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