Backup exam results online

Written on 14.10.17 by Sven Bugiel

The results of the backup exam have been published. The backup exam inspection will take place Tue, 17.10.2017, in E9.1 room 0.07 from 11:00-12:00 (s.t.).

Backup exam Q&A material online

Written on 12.10.17 by Sven Bugiel

The notes of the backup exam Q&A as well as (per request) the endterm from Sep 29 are online.

Backup exam Q&A

Written on 10.10.17 by Sven Bugiel

There will be another Q&A session for the backup exam this Thursday, Oct 12, 10:30-12:00 (s.t.) in E9.1 (CISPA) room 0.05 (lecture hall).

Endterm results online

Written on 02.10.17 by Sven Bugiel

The results of the endterm exam have been published. The endterm exam inspection will take place Wed, 04.10.2017, in E9.1 room 0.07 from 16:00-17:00 (s.t.).

Device return

Written on 21.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty

Please return the devices you have collected for the course between 11.00am to 2.00pm on Monday(25/09/2017) at E9 1 Room no 3.10.

You do not need them for exam purpose.

Lab 4 is online

Written on 19.09.17 (last change on 20.09.17) by Dhiman Chakraborty

Lab 4 is online now.


Some more questions added to Lab 4.

Lecture 5 sildes online

Written on 19.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty

The content of Lecture 5 Direct Anonymous Attestation is online now.

Lab 3 online

Written on 18.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty

Lab 3 is on Policies.

Updated lecture 3 slides

Written on 17.09.17 by Sven Bugiel

Slide 13 of Lecture 3 on key duplication attributes has been updated, since there was an error on the slide. Further, small explanation regarding the fixedTPM attribute has been added.

Changed lecture hall Sep 15 and Sep 21

Written on 14.09.17 by Sven Bugiel

Please note that the lectures on Sep 15 and Sep 21 will take place in the CISPA show room (0.01) instead of the lecture hall.

Lab 2 online

Written on 13.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty


Lab 2 is online now.



Updated lecture schedule

Written on 13.09.17 by Sven Bugiel

The lecture schedule has been updated to give time to do some examples on EAP tomorrow.

Lab 1 Online

Written on 11.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty


Lab 1 is online.



Exercise Sheet

Written on 11.09.17 by Dhiman Chakraborty


The voluntary exercise sheet will be online today or early tomorrow. You do not need to submit any solution. It is for you to play and learn with TPM 2.0 physical hardware.

All the needed information(hardware collection, setup process, commands to play with) will be given in the sheet.



Course website online and registration open

Written on 22.05.17 (last change on 06.07.17) by Sven Bugiel

The registration for the TSC'17 course is now open.

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